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Telltale Signs That a Loved One is Addicted to Opiate
If you are keen on the current news you must have noted a consistent rise in the abuse of opiate. This endemic is prevalent chances of finding a person whose indicted to opiate use are very high. If you are concerned that a loved one could be addicted it is important that you know how to look for the early signs of if you have concerns that your relative or close friend is trapped in the abuse of opium it is paramount that you know how to identify early signs of opiate use. This will,l be the first step to helping the
person in time. However this can only be possible if you if know the signs of opiate use and this homepage is very helpful since it helps you to discover more about the warning signs of opiate use.
To help you identify these signs easily they are subdivided into two. This product will start with the physical signs of opiate use. The easiest and most noticeable physical sing is the needle marks which may be present in the person body. This is because addicts use the drug intravenously and will have therefore have to inject it into their bodies and this will leave visible signs on the body and this makes this signs the easiest to identify.
The second visible sign is the tendency to nod and the person falls asleep suddenly at times which are not appropriate. The extension of this effect is the person drifting in the process of having a conversation and this shows that the person is seriously affected.
Also you can check for flushed skin and constricted pupils and but the two could be caused by other problems. But if the first two signs are present then you are sure that the flushed skin and constricted pupils are opiate addiction sings.
Besides these physical signs there are behavioral signs to check out for. The first behavioral side effect of opiate abuse is withdrawal from social activities. As such if you realize that your loved one has suddenly retreated from social groups they once enjoyed being in this can be a clear sign of opiate abuse. The final result of this is that the person will always be isolated from other people and enjoy being in solitude most of the times.
Another behavioral sign is a drastic change in the persons’ mood The person will have the tendency to engage in risky activities, act out of character and be found on the wrong side of the law as a result of drastic mood swings.| Even if the changes may not come at once a few of them are worth noting.
If you however note that the person is addicted do not lose hope as all is not lost. This is because there are treatment centers which specialize in treating opiate addiction.